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Delwin E. Benton & Family


Reverend Delwin E. Benton is the Senior Pastor of Lyons Unity Missionary Baptist Church. He was born to Mr. Dalton E. Benton and the late Ms. Robin G. Curtis. He was reared and led by his maternal grandparents the late Rev. Franklin LaVergne and Mrs. Annie LaVergne.


Pastor Benton is a proud Vanguard graduate of Jesse H. Jones High School and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Texas Southern University.


Pastor Benton acknowledged his call to the ministry on October 21, 1999. He received his license to preach God's Word on November 21, 1999, under the leadership of Pastor D.L. O’Neal and was ordained on August 19, 2006, by Pastor W.A. Jordan of the Lyons Unity Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Benton has served in many capacities in ministry most notably as Youth Minister and Assistant Pastor at the Lyons Unity Missionary Baptist Church. In June 2009, Reverend Delwin E. Benton was called and given the awesome privilege to serve as the Senior Pastor of Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. The thread of God’s hand is interwoven into the tapestry of Pastor Benton’s life and ministry. Although Pastor Benton has achieved many notable accomplishments; he is most known for His Fervent preaching, undying diligence to the word of God and his intense commitment to serving the Lord through improving the lives of others.  As a result of Pastor Benton’s continued yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit Canaan Missionary Baptist Church experienced miraculous growth both physically and spiritually through his leadership. Pastor Benton’s ministry has experienced its picturesque days, but God has also led Him through his share of storms. One of the most memorable moments of his ministry was in August 2017, when God opened the floodgates of heaven, during Hurricane Harvey. God was faithful even through the storm. Pastor Benton led this storm scarred congregation through the trying time of remodeling, restructuring, and regrouping. God has continued to show Himself faithful in the life and ministry of His servant. God continued to show Himself faithful during the historic Worldwide Pandemic called COVID-19. The universal body of Christ and the world were shaken when it experienced a stoppage of work and shortage of resources. It was against this dark backdrop and tumultuous time that Pastor Benton made sure, that the Work of the Church did not go undone. There were many physical and technological amendments and service changes including upgrading of video and Social Media ministry. Even though the church was limited in meeting, the church was not limited in Ministry! God is a God who knows and changes the seasons of our lives. The winds of change are always favorable for the child of God no matter how unnerving. God had a plan and God was preparing to change the season of Ministry in the life of His servant Pastor Benton. After 12 years of Faithful and Fruitful ministry at the Canaan Missionary Baptist Church and after much Prayer, Fasting, and trusting in God, Pastor Benton was led by Faith to Follow God!! God had done so much in the Land of Canaan, but God was not finished with His servant. Pastor Benton, through much fear and trembling and with a steady faith in an unchanging God, answered the Heavenly call and Accepted the Earthly call to come back Home to Pastor the Historic Lyons Unity Missionary Baptist Church on April 23, 2022! There is one personal principle that has guided Pastor Benton’s life and that is through it all God has been Faithful!


Pastor Benton is the proud husband of Mrs. Richarria Jessalyn Garrette Benton, M. Ed. They were wed on December 10th, 2005. They have been blessed with a wonderful son Dylan Garrette Benton, and beautiful daughter, Delaney Robin Ann Benton.

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